Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Trey Alexander Performance - Winner

Trey Alexander has always had a love for music, but he never expected the guitar would completely change and inspire his life. The first guitar he played was a decorative picked up by his father for their home. The old guitar provoked curiosity, and he picked it up and began to play. It didn't take long before he started playing melodies—as well as for his parents to realize he had a natural ear for music. Alexander entered his first guitar competition a few months later, and won first place.

A few years later, Alexander's father died unexpectedly. He truly believed his son would be a great guitar player. Although life would no longer be the same, Alexander realized he needed to continue living his dream, and carry on the legacy of his greatest influence and supporter—his father.

Alexander put all his energy into his group—the Trey Alexander Band—which released its first album in 2000. He also established a more fusion based progressive band, Sonic Lux-a project that is heavily influenced by Steve Vai, Chick Corea, and Béla Fleck.

Alexander currently teaches guitar, and is in the studio working on his next full-length album. His dream is to reach the entire world with his devotion and enthusiasm for music.


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