Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Anton Tsygankov Performance

Anton Tsygankov was born in Moscow, Russia, and is the son of an accomplished composer. He started to play music when he was 4, and began playing electric guitar at 14. In 1996, Tsygankov entered Gnesin's Musical College, and graduated in 2001 as a guitarist and singer. He also graduated from Moscow's Modern Art University in 2006.

Tsygankov has been a nominee and prize winner in various competitions between 1999 and 2005: Third place winner in Buffalo's North American Rock Guitar Competition 2005, first prize at the Russian Hendrix competition, first prize at 2004's Mnogolikaya Gitara (“many-sided guitar), second prize at Russia's Firm 2000, first prize at the international Wind Rose competition, first prize at Russia's Guitar 2000 electric-guitar competition, first prize at Russia's Fender Guitar Contest, “Most Virtuoso Guitarist at Russia's Russian Guitar competition, and first prize at Russia's May Lian Guitar Contest, as well as numerous other honors.

Tsygankov has also worked in several major recording studios as a session musician, and in two “pop-star” bands as a performing guitarist. His Anton Tsygankov Project released its debut album, ANTI, in 2006.


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